A Bochumer Verein steel bell in the UK

In the Peace Gardens in the middle of Sheffield, across from the town hall, hangs a steel bell cast in 1955 by Bochumer Verein, presented to the people of Sheffield in 1986. Those who have read the description of German steel bells will not be surprised to know that the bell is broadly true-harmonic. To stop it being rung, the clapper has been fixed in place by welding four rods internally between the clapper stem and the waist of the bell. As a result of this act of unfortunate vandalism there must be some uncertainty about the measurement of the partials. It would have been better to remove the clapper.

As well as the bell, the photo above features two essential pieces of bell-hunting equipment

Here are the two plaques on the wall beneath the bell

Here is the sound of the bell, and here are its partials:

HumcentsPrimecentsTiercecentsQuintcentsNominalSuperquintcentsOctave Nominalcents

The hum is a fraction sharp of true-harmonic and the quint is rather flat, but the rods welded inside may be affecting these partials. A late-night visit to the Peace Gardens with an angle-grinder might allow us to hear the bell as it was meant to be!