Gillett and Johnston

Gillett and Johnston, formerly Gillett and Bland, were bellfounders in Croydon, Surrey from the late 19th century to the early 1950s. For the first half of the 20th century they were one of the premier founders of carillons and change-ringing bells. Cyril Johnston, son of the original partner Arthur Johnston, joined the company in 1902 and from his early days at the foundry began to take an interest in the tuning of bells. The first tuning machine was purchased in 1905. From the 1920s onwards a large number of carillons were cast, including Riverside, New York with a bass bell of 18 1/4 tons and Chicago with a bass bell of 17 tons. The foundry also produced many notable peals of change-ringing bells. In March 1948 Cyril left the company, which went into receivership in the 1950s and stopped casting bells, though the company still survives as a clock maker and restorer.

Cyril Johnston’s tuning forks

Anomalies in the tuning of Gillett & Johnston bells

A history of Gillett and Johnston in bell sounds