Merthyr Tydfil bells

Visited: Bill Hibbert 31 August 2002 This is a historically very important ring from the Taylor bellfoundry. The tower website used to say: “The bells were cast by John Taylor, Loughborough in 1893, and were only the second ring (after Norton, Sheffield) to be tuned by the ‘Simpson Principle’.” In fact the bells were cast in […]

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A history of Taylors in bell sounds

This article was originally published in The Ringing World of 17 August 2018 and has been updated to include more Taylor bells. The conclusions are unchanged. A history of Taylors in bell sounds Taylors claim to be the founder of the world’s finest sounding bells, and rightly credit for the rediscovery of true-harmonic tuning in the late […]

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Two hundred years of Taylor history

This history of the notable Taylor bell-founding family, written by Paul Taylor, is taken from a leaflet produced for a celebration dinner held on Friday, 1st January 1960 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Taylor, the first member of the family to enter the trade. This dinner was held at the […]

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Taylors of Loughborough

The Taylor family had a profound influence on bellfounding worldwide through their rediscovery of true-harmonic bell design and tuning in the late 19th century. This section of the site brings together a history of the Taylor bellfounding family, written by Paul Taylor for a celebration dinner in 1960, and also an investigation I did into […]

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