Recording bells for analysis

This page was originally written in October 2002, and has been substantially updated to only cover recording bells for tonal analysis, not recordings for general purposes. Also, audio technology has moved a long way since 2002! Andrew Wilby suggested I wrote the original paper. It included extracts from messages originally published on the Bell Historian’s chat […]

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Bell weights, sizes and frequencies

Bell weights, diameters and frequencies are obviously related; heavier bells sound a deeper note, and heavier bells are generally bigger in diameter. But are there any quantitative rules that allow, say, a bell’s weight to be estimated from its diameter and partial frequencies? Partial tones and bell diameters are generally easy to measure or are […]

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A history of Taylors in bell sounds

This article was originally published in The Ringing World of 17 August 2018 and has been updated to include more Taylor bells. The conclusions are unchanged. A history of Taylors in bell sounds Taylors claim to be the founder of the world’s finest sounding bells, and rightly credit for the rediscovery of true-harmonic tuning in the late […]

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