Basic principles of bell tuning

Many references describe the way bells are tuned; the Dave Kelly articles, George Elphick’s book ‘The Craft of The Bell Founder’, and Lehr’s paper. A quick recap will be useful. The theoretical background is given in the set of papers Rossing’s Acoustics of Bells. A vibrating bell produces many frequencies of sound, each produced by a different vibrational mode […]

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Frequency calibration for tonal analysis

The basic principle of frequency calibration is simple. If a reference tone of known frequency is available, it can be recorded along with the bell sound. When the bell sound is later analysed, the frequency of the reference tone is checked at the same time. If there is a discrepancy, work out the ratio of […]

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Recording and analysis

The pages linked below give practical tips on recording bells for the purposes of tonal analysis (including taking recordings from Youtube, and how to do the tonal analysis with Wavanal. The detail given in previous version of these pages (written almost 20 years ago) on recording formats and recording devices has been completely re-written and […]

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